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We are a non-profit organization to celebrate the birth of every baby who was born with Down syndrome in Japan. Our mission is to tell of the worth of people with Down syndrome to change the old stereotypes around Down syndrome in our society and culture. Our main action is to send messages of hope to families who are raising babies with Down syndrome by sending them free gift baskets filled with hearty baby goodies and helpful resources. Our primary focus is from the time that Down syndrome diagnosis (prenatal or after birth) has been given till the babies turn one years old. As our sub action, we share positive stories of families who are already raising children with Down syndrome on our website and monthly newsletters. If you need assistance in English, please feel free to contact us in the button below.

Our gift basket contains… (All items in Japanese)

  • Letters from families who are raising children with Down syndrome
  • A guidebook on nursing a newborn baby with Down syndrome
  • A documentary book on children with Down syndrome and their familes
  • An original children’s picture book on how to tell your child about Down syndrome
  • A children’s picture book
  • Brochures of Down syndrome local organizations
  • A handmade baby quilt, hat, wrist band rattle and bibs
  • Toys

If you are a parent of a baby with Down syndrome…

You can request a gift basket for free by filling a request form below. We welcome basket requests from parents, friends, medical providers of a baby with Down syndrome. If your mailing address is in Sapporo, Hokkaido, our staff who is parenting her child with Down syndrome can deliver the basket right at your door post or your hospital room. Our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about raising a baby with Down syndrome.

If you would like to contribute…

You can support our program by the following!

□ Donate via a credit card/a Paypal account by our donation button below. You can choose monthly giving or one-time donation.


If the donation buttons do not work, and you still wish to donate via Paypal, please try with the email address (ul316.office@gmail), donations may be sent via Paypal.

□ Transfer to our support bank account.

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□ Join in our volunteer crew to make baby hats, rattles, quilts and bibs!

□ Come to our monthly Volunteers Day at near our office in South Sapporo!

□ Donate new 100% cotton fabric materials and send to our office!

□ Write a letter to prove the worth of people with Down syndrome that you know and send it to our office. Your letter may be featured on our website or monthly newsletters.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries about how you can contribute to support our program.

How it all began…

Suzuko Funatogawa, the founder of UL316 and her husband have adopted a baby girl who has Down syndrome since October 2018. This precious baby girl brought so much joy to the family and led Suzuko to have various opportunities to meet mothers who are also raising children with Down syndrome.

She saw and felt the needs of the mothers who were feeling anxious and lonely in their journeys, especially during their first few months of nursing their newborn babies with Down syndrome. Concurrently, she came in contact with Carissa Caroll, the founder and directer of Jack’s Basket, which is a non-profit organization that celebrates babies with Down syndrome in US. Suzuko was greatly inspired by the work that Jack’s Basket is doing in US and beyond.

She decided to launch a similar program in Japan and began sharing with her friends the idea of sending gift baskets to Japanese families. In Dec 2020, they founded an organization and named it UL316 and started to share its mission and action plans on social media. Since on the Christmas Day (Dec 25) in 2021 onwards, UL316 has officially started its gift basket program.

Suzuko and her daughter

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